Smart timber screening solution.

Simple idea to cover water tanks.

Easy, strong and beautiful

privacy screen.

#10 Garden Sentinel

#3 Veggie Panels

Something to discourage the

garden raiders.

#9 Garden Edging



#7 Pergola Pots

#4 Wall Panels

Great for creeping vines

#5 Wall Panels around Tank

Protecting the base of young trees.

#1 Supporting Growing Plants

Vines and fruit trees needs support.  

Growing plants on the wall.

You want to enjoy the satisfaction of growing things?

Find out what seems to work.

#6 Flower mesh & plant ​rings

Supported by

#6 Garden UP

Growing plants on posts.

Tidying up the edges.

Simple flat growing panels.

#8 Screen UP

#8 Screen UP Wall

Growing plants need protection from animals; in our garden, it is dogs, ducks and chickens.   

#2 Protecting Growing Plants